A moment for a change

Introducing Criticalmatters.net (2.5 mins)


Hey guys, I’m here to grab a moment of your time and share information about a news media platform I’ve been working on called criticalmatters.net. I’m a creative technologist and entrepreneur by the way. Keep watching to learn more, some info about the project and myself are coming right up.

So let’s get started. We’re gonna cover:

  1. Why criticalmatters.net?
  2. Next steps?
  3. Contributing?

1. Why criticalmatters.net?

Criticalmatters.net is a news content publishing platform, but one that will have a unique identity grounded in objectivity and reasoned debate.  We strongly believe that journalism and good standards should empower and educate people.  Rather than becoming another voice in the chorus of populism, lowest common denominator opinions and meandering race-to-the-bottom debate we want to champion multiple perspectives.  I think currently, news quantity has far outgrown quality and as quality wanes; being able to have unique source like ours that can enlighten, inform and educate consumers of news from a diversity of backgrounds, would achieve enormous potential and the world would be much better for it!

So if you or someone else you know has an enquiring mind, would like to try and change the world for the better while learning new things and having fun, keep listening!

2. Next steps?

We have an MVP with 10 editorial sections in:

Homepage, news, entertainment, tech, travel, politics, culture, business, food, (you) well being

We just need to launch! So what does that entail?

  1. Replace the existing content
  2. Grow the team
  3. Contributing?

I really believe many hands make light work & if weΒ want to run far we need to run together, so if you:

  • Dislike the toxic fallout of fake news?
  • Want to be part of something that can change the world?
  • Have a little spare time?
  • Know someone else who might be interested?
  • Want to learn some new skills in publishing, media or engineering?
  • Enjoy creating original content?
  • Want to expand your leadership potential?
  • Want to engage what’s going on in the world & around you?
  • If any of the above strikes a chord then please:
  1. Share this post on your socials with 10 or more people:
  2. Message me or dm on the-dots (https://the-dots.com/users/colin-hump…)
  3. Email: contribute@criticalmatters.net

Be sure to look out for a live Q&A event coming up in the next few weeks.

Add any questions and comments below.

Thanks for your time!

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